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What do the logos on the map mean?
Esso station Indicates an Esso service station.
Mobil station Indicates a Mobil service station.
Exxon station Indicates an Exxon service station.
Multiple stations. Click to zoom in. Red & Blue cluster: Means there is more than one station in that area. To view them individually, click on the cluster pushpin or zoom in.
Center of Search Current Location Red with Black dot: Denotes the centre of your search area or your current location. It does NOT represent a station.
Station not matching search criteria Station not matching search criteria Station not matching search criteria Grey: Indicates a station that exists, but does not match your "Filter" criteria.
Start or End Point Green: "A" denotes the start of a route. "B" denotes the end of a route.Center of Search Current Location
How do I get driving directions to the nearest service station?
Enter your location on the Locator page, then click the "Directions" tab. Enter your Start (A) and End (B) points. Then click the "Get Directions" button. Follow the highlighted route and the turn-by-turn directions listed on the left side of the map.
How do I get detailed station information?
Click on station pushpins along your route to open a window with the station's name, address and phone number. Click the "Service Station Details" link for a page listing that specifies service station's features, services, hours of operation and a map with available satellite view.
Why can't I see any stations?
Your station search results automatically point you to the center of your search area. If there are no visible service stations on the map, zoom out to expand the viewing area.
Can I search for service stations by their services and offerings?
Yes! Simply select the features in the "Filter" area. The map will automatically update to show stations fitting your criteria. Any stations outside your criteria will be denoted with grey pushpins. NOTE: Selected filters remain active as you search, so remember to uncheck them for new searches.
Once I get directions, how can I get a closer look at where I need to turn?
Click on any step in the driving directions column to display a magnified map view of that specific point in the route.
Can I choose routes other than the one provided?
You can alter your route at any time by clicking and dragging the green pushpins to different Departure (A) and Destination (B) points. The step-by-step directions will update accordingly.
How do I zoom in or out on the map?
On the left side of the map, click and drag the zoom slider, or click on the [+] or [-] buttons.
How do I move the map?
Simply click and drag the map in any direction. You can also zoom in and out using the zoom slider, or double click a point on the map to zoom in and center.
Can I see different map views?
Yes. Click the map dropdown box [ Map ] on the upper right of the map to select Satellite, Atlas, and Terrain views.
How do I get real-time weather and traffic conditions?
On the upper left of the map, click the weather icon to show temperature and conditions within the map area, and the traffic icon to display traffic conditions depicted by green, yellow and red roadways.
What is a POI?
"POI" stands for "Point of Interest" or "Place of Interest". It is a location on a map. Specifically, it is a named geographical coordinate that is an intersection between a latitude and longitude measure. POIs are used on GPS-enabled devices to create a relevant destination point on a map for an end-user.
What is GPS?
GPS is an acronym for "Global Positioning System". It is the underlying technology utilizing orbital satellites that allows a GPS-enabled receiving device to determine location, speed and direction.
What are coordinates? What is latitude and longitude?
Coordinates refer to a specific point on the earth – made up of an intersection between a latitude number and longitude number (typically measured in degrees but can also be represented numerically). Latitude provides the location of a place on earth north or south of the equator and runs "horizontally" on the globe. Longitude provides the location of a place on earth east or west of a north-south line called the Prime Meridian. Combining latitude and longitude allows us to pinpoint a specific location on the earth.
Don't GPS devices already come with POI data loaded on the unit?
Yes, this is true. However, most estimates and feedback from users state that up to 50% of the POI information is incorrect and out-of-date. This has resulted in a lot of frustration for users who expect to find something in a certain location – only to arrive and find that it doesn't exist. Having the ability to download Esso service station locations is purely a benefit that we wish to provide to our customers for added convenience.
Which devices have been tested?
iPhone 4, iPhone3GS, iPhone4S, Samsung Galaxy SII, Motorola Bravo, Motorola Droid-X, HTC Aria.